The Art and Science of Product Management (

Product Management is one of the most misunderstood careers in the new age world of digital disruption. Old school way of operating business imagines it to be nothing more than software development – a project manager role working with business teams and technology developers to produce software. In the new age way of organizing business around internet technology products, it is considered as sometimes a weak business role and sometimes as a weak technology role – you don’t operate the business and you don’t code! So, who is a Product Manager after all?

The cross functional leadership attributes of a Product Manager make him or her a force to reckon with in all meetings and in all team-level interactions. This makes not only the job stressful and painful, it also puts pressure on the strong shoulders of a good product manager to deliver the goods – as there is only person in the room who knows it all!

In my close to a decade-old experience as a Product Manager (with varying titles and name calling to go with it), I have seen the beauty and the ugliness of this deeply inspiring career choice. My own personal transformation was enabled because of the role I played as a product manager in creating products, influencing people, building relationships and most important of all, taking a hit to the face?

As I pursue increasing roles of responsibility and leadership in my career as a Product Manager, I will talk about my experiences in broken timelines of blogging, note sharing and beyond on my website dedicated for that purpose:


I am working on a two-year project (target 2020) to transform Broohi (a Sanskrit word for “Tell”) into a contemporary magazine focused on new-age products and business ideas that are transforming this world into a force to be reckoned with.