Indian Tales


"Indian Tales" started as an idea inspired by the work of P. Sainath, the renowned rural journalist. While not being a journalist myself, I felt I had a few stories to share too. Through this effort, I want to document my experiences with people and places across India. The migrating Indian of today is no longer confined to a single place. I consider myself as one such traveler.

I had my fair share of train rides and bus journeys since childhood. In the recent past, I have been traversing the urban and rural landscapes in and around Bangalore whenever time and commitments permitted. These were much cherished experiences where I got to step away from my "Techie" and "corporate leader"personas and be a real person for a change.

Disclaimer: This is a work of non-fiction. All situations, characters and facts are true to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing. The content of the stories are in no way intended to hurt anyone’s religious, political, spiritual, brand, personal  or fanatic beliefs and any other sentiments whatsoever.