Retail Product Management

Retail is as old as humanity. We were traders as much as we were hunters, gatherers, farmers and sleepy socialists. Retail brings people and products together. From the days when bartering existed to the days when ships packed away good to far away places, we have had a fascination for what retail trade opens up.

My rendezvous with retailing began by accident in 2002, when I first traveled to the US to work for a retail software firm. Working as a support specialist for retailers worldwide, I found the business of retailing to be enchanting and fun. Moreover, it was also easy to comprehend. I ended up working with a major electronics retailer too as an IT consultant following which I was determined to have a career in the retail industry.

When I did my MBA, I had the opportunity to work in e-commerce when it was picking up along with the internet revolution as a viable shopping option for millions of shoppers across the globe. Ever since then, I have worked for two e-commerce start ups and am currently working for the World’s largest retailer.

I will blog about my experiences and share the knowledge, experience and my learning in this wildly changing, fragile and highly competitive industry.