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Mango Picking!

Indian summers aren’t complete without eating mangoes. The more the merrier… We went on a mango picking trip, driving about 90 kms away one-way from Bangalore to a farm in Krishnagiri in the neighboring state. Now, that’s what love for mangoes can do to you!


A Boat Ride to Umananda Temple, Guwahati

You can never go wrong with an ancient temple, in the middle of an island, in the middle of a humongous river (The Brahmaputra)… A summer trip to Meghalaya, with a stop over at Guwahati in Assam. A personal boat provided by a tout who fleece their customers. The same old queues to enter the …

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Pinki’s Day Out

Nandini was feeling bored waiting for her sister to finish her dance practice. The dance hall was in a beautiful housing society will Spanish-themed villas. I decided to entertain her by taking her doll (Pinki) and giving her a jungle experience using the trees in the housing society as props. She loved it!


Go! Go! Goa

Goa is one of those must-visit places in India that every tourist needs to make a trip to. Why? I don’t know. It is just that it has to be done. I had no regrets when the family made the trip in 2015. Resorts pamper you with high costs and comfort. The Holiday Inn resort …

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A visit to Gandhi’s place – Ahmedabad

A Spelling Bee competition that Shivani participated in took the family to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was a short stay and we made it to the Sabarmati ashram from where Mahatma Gandhi orchestrated a great many events for India’s freedom. Ahmedabad is a very clean and surprisingly green city given the high temperatures in summer and …

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A visit to the Basavanagudi Temple

I visited the Basavanagudi (The Big Bull Temple) with my family in 2013. An amazing temple with a grand architecture housing Nandi, the bull.  Also, this temple complex, which is pretty crowded in the weekends, has other smaller temples. Dodda (Big) Ganesha temple has a giant idol of the Hindu God. I was particularly attracted …

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The Mystical Great Lakes!

Since 2001, the first time that I came to the United States, I’ve visited the Great Lakes on several occasions. Calling them as “lakes” is probably a great injustice to these mighty oceans. Lake Superior is my favorite and I’ve watched it from the Western Coast in Minnesota and the Southern Coast in Michigan. The …

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