short stories

Eyes See It

It was certainly those eyes. Yes, those big, dark, beautiful eyes staring back at me. I can never miss them. They stay with me whenever I look at them. Luring me into its deep mesmerizing spell. Taunting me with reflections of the past. The pleasant experiences that even forced a feeble smile on the lips …

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The Coracle Rider

Ramu sat idle on the rocky, uneven steps of the Bhiksheswara Temple. The aged granite temple tower, adorned by shapely carved figures of Gods and Goddesses, watched majestically over the banks of the river Cauvery. The modest surroundings of his home town, Narsipura, were a poor reflection of once great prosperity. The Cauvery was swelling …

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Almost a Thief

“Hold this! Keep holding it. Don’t let go!” The young boy looked on with surprise as he took it in his hands. All I gave him was a tiny piece of white paper, torn at the edges. It had a number written on it. I found it lying among all the broken pieces of furniture …

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Second Nature

This short story was written after I was impressed by a massive cleanliness drive in India undertaken by its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. I wanted to show the importance of that initiative through a story that talks about the World’s most polluted river – Ganga (The Ganges). BOOK TITLE: SECOND NATURE The rickety bus struggled …

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Reality and Illusion are intermixed in a World where time and space are not constant, a dimension where events overlap in the past, present and future. Can the creator manipulate events in many Worlds of the Universe? It was a freezing cold morning in Buffalo City. Several inches of snow pounded the entire state of …