New arrivals and reviving my croton plant

A pair of wonderful and vibrant rose plants have been added to my balcony garden. Brought in two marigold plants too and enjoying their sweet smell. With new soil mix added to them, hopefully they will thrive. My wife and the kids are excited about it!

In the meantime, my croton plant took a beating since the time it was planted largely due to white powdery fungal infection. I revived it by using a toothbrush to clean the affected part. But, after a couple of months keeping the plant indoors, the problem sprung again. This time, I did a thorough cleaning but the plant lost a lot of leaves. It looks sad now. However, I’ve completely re-potted the plant this time and added MahaGro potting mix. The plant looks stable but new leaves are yet to come! (April 6, 2018).


Growing Carnation flowers in the garden

I am trying out growing Carnation flowers from seeds for the first time. Growing flower trees from seeds isn’t easy and I have been unsuccessful even with vegetables in the past.

It has been week 1 and thankfully there is something to show as a success.

Week 1: