Drawing and Painting

Lotus in water – color pencil sketch

Woo…hooo….sketching with color pencils (staedler). The beauty of color is that it enhances the vividness of the pictures you draw.. My first attempt at using these pencils. It was a painfully slow work as I had do this work stroke by stroke to get the desired effect. Staedler pencils blend in colors when applied one …

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The first big break – shapes and shadows

Shapes of all kinds combined with the theory and practice of shadow effects from a light source. This was my first serious breakthrough in my art class about 4-5 classes into it. The illusion of depth and dimension was obviously achieved by darker strokes with an 8B pencil. Made me appreciate the power of pencil …

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Broken pot on a window sill

A pot with a crack, a wooden frame with flowers and achieving the effect of polished wood.   Phew! took time to complete. I was doubtful about the polished wood effect with its grainy feel. Somehow, made it happen. Used HB, 6B and 8B pencils.