Parrots in color

Did some quick color pencil work of two parrots. Used Faber Castell polychromatic color pencils that added a dash of vibrancy to the birds. Getting the feathers right became a challenge apart from using the pencils effectively to get the contrasts. Fun!


Ganesha, a gift

Yet another work using acrylic paints. This time, it was a gift to a neighbor friend of the family. The image has been copied from a similar work found online. Found the design to be great and was chosen by our friend to make it.

Used ceramic powder with glue to create the textured effect. Used thin plastic sheet and crumpled it on the ceramic mix in order to create the added effect. Took about three days to complete and in time for framing it and gifting to our friend.

Here is the painting on canvas after being framed:


A Puppy!

In July, I went back to pencil sketching. My speed has increased and hopefully so, my quality of work. I completed this in about four hours with breaks in between. The focus was on the eyes and the hairy contours in the body, especially the ears.

Here is how I started working on it. The goal was to get the face right before the rest!

Some said the dog looks old! Some said it looks sad! I thought it was a cute little puppy, all inquisitive and wanting to be loved…


The Garden Gate – acrylic on canvas

This is my first work on canvas using acrylic paints! It was part of a summer camp that my kids attended and I happily tagged along. Took two months to complete with all the breaks and office work in between. Began in April and completed in June.

The biggest challenge with this work was the lack of familiarity with the medium and the material. I was guided by my art teacher through the various aspects of bringing shadows and color tones to the picture. I experimented a lot on my own with selection of colors and brush strokes to create various elements of nature (the grass, the tree trunk, the flowers etc.) into a more realistic art form.

Used Camel acrylic colors. The primary colors used were sap green, brown and lemon yellow.

A very satisfying experience especially when work was not so during that timeframe!!


Pigeon on a Ledge

Yet another work using Staedler color pencils. The challenge was in getting the iridescent colors on the neck of the pigeon right using a limited range of colors that I had available. Working on the eyes was the other challenge. Hopefully, I got it right!

I can now fool the pesky pigeons that sit on the edge of my apartment balcony. They have a new friend!


Kalamkari art: Saraswati Devi

My first attempt on replicating a Kalamkarti art work of the goddess Saraswati. It was one of the most time consuming and difficult work to date for me. I spent more than fifteen hours with two sessions lasting four hours each. Stuck at one place until I got each brushstroke right. I used a 000 brush to get the thin black border and designer patterns.

The entire work was done using water colors on a hand-made paper.

Every line drawn tested my patience and my audience was happy with the work I did. Got kudos from family and friends too!


Kalamkari art: Happy Sun by Nandini

My little one (age 6) didn’t want to be left behind and did her own attempt at kalamkari work with an image of a smiling Sun. She used black sketch pen for the border work and painted everything on her own. Dedicated to the cause and focused on finishing the art work to her satisfaction!


Kalamkari art: Elegant Elephant by Shivani

My older daughter (age 11) has worked out a terrific kalamkari art of an elephant. She took the tough road of using a 000 brush to get the difficult to make black borders for the picture. Amazing details and a lot of hard work!!


Water and Bridge in Venice

My teacher pushed me to try another work in charcoal. This time I had to replicate an original that was done using ink. Hence, achieving the same effect using charcoal turned out to be a daunting task. The picture was not about getting the details right as it was about presenting the overall landscape in a beautiful manner.

I began to love using charcoal after this work. More to do…


Boats by the Sea

This was my first work using charcoal. It took time to get adjusted to the mechanisms of using the charcoal pencil to draw different shades of black. I achieved the water surf effect hitting the rocks using a combination of methods. Couldn’t get to a perfect depiction of water splattering over the rocks. But, it works overall!

Family and friends loved the boats I made…