Drawing and Painting

Parrots in color

Did some quick color pencil work of two parrots. Used Faber Castell polychromatic color pencils that added a dash of vibrancy to the birds. Getting the feathers right became a challenge apart from using the pencils effectively to get the contrasts. Fun!


A Puppy!

In July, I went back to pencil sketching. My speed has increased and hopefully so, my quality of work. I completed this in about four hours with breaks in between. The focus was on the eyes and the hairy contours in the body, especially the ears. Here is how I started working on it. The …

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Kalamkari art: Happy Sun by Nandini

My little one (age 6) didn’t want to be left behind and did her own attempt at kalamkari work with an image of a smiling Sun. She used black sketch pen for the border work and painted everything on her own. Dedicated to the cause and focused on finishing the art work to her satisfaction!


Boats by the Sea

This was my first work using charcoal. It took time to get adjusted to the mechanisms of using the charcoal pencil to draw different shades of black. I achieved the water surf effect hitting the rocks using a combination of methods. Couldn’t get to a perfect depiction of water splattering over the rocks. But, it …

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