My Art

The personal logo on this website was created out of a whim…driven by an intuition!┬áProbably my two biggest strengths.

It is an abstract representation of themes and stories that interest me in life.

The white spiral shell belonged to my grandfather who used it in his morning prayers. I love anything in life that has a story, a purpose, antiquity and an esoteric appeal.

The background picture in the logo is that of a handwoven Indian straw mat, once common in all households as a sleeping aid. Growing up as a child, I had the best sleep on these otherwise uncomfortable sheets laid out on a hard surface. Keeps me grounded….reminds me of where I came from!

The green stone was picked by me during a kayak trip in Lake Superior, USA. This was the first stone that caught my attention in the pristine waters. Shining like a gemstone among other colored rocks, I picked it up and couldn’t let it go! Colored rocks in a clear stream of water give me peace of mind! So do yoga and meditation.

The round shaped rudraksha has spirituality and an ancient Hindu mystique to it. For me, it is a wonderful fruit from a rare tree. Anything that is difficult to perceive, get or is revered attracts my deepest attention and curiosity.

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