Book Review: The Idol Thief

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A wonderful book by the first time author and most importantly a passionate volunteer who has worked very hard to protect the rich, cultural heritage of India. This is compelling given that within the country, there are enough people highly enthusiastic enough to destroy India’s past without batting an eyelid. Of such characters in real life is what this book is all about.
It is sad to see that thieves come in all shapes and sizes across all facets of society. The fact that justice is yet to be served in full, the looters may still go unpunished and many lost relics may never be found again is very unfortunate. The sophisticated thieves sitting merrily as buyers of art in museums across the world show the depth to which greed can manifest itself, all for the sake of satisfying pride and increasing ticket sales in curated exhibition shows.
The story could have been spun more tighter by bringing the stories of the various investigative forces, including the author, in a more cohesive form. The Editor more than the Author is to be blamed for it. I do hope more and more of such daredevil and enthusiastic lovers of India and even more, protector of cultural and historical relics are born in this world. These people are more valuable to humanity than the endless battalion of spineless journalists and greedy politicians that the world seems to be producing more of today.

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