Mayurasana – The Peacock Pose

Trying my hand at Mayurasana over the past one month. Still unable to lift the feet off the ground. Still struggling to hold the bodyweight on the hands. However, this is a great asana and I am already feeling the power of having strength restored to my arms. Focused on practicing more and getting the pose right for a strong upper body.


Parrots in color

Did some quick color pencil work of two parrots. Used Faber Castell polychromatic color pencils that added a dash of vibrancy to the birds. Getting the feathers right became a challenge apart from using the pencils effectively to get the contrasts. Fun!


Ganesha, a gift

Yet another work using acrylic paints. This time, it was a gift to a neighbor friend of the family. The image has been copied from a similar work found online. Found the design to be great and was chosen by our friend to make it.

Used ceramic powder with glue to create the textured effect. Used thin plastic sheet and crumpled it on the ceramic mix in order to create the added effect. Took about three days to complete and in time for framing it and gifting to our friend.

Here is the painting on canvas after being framed: