The well with no water!

It all started with a lot of excitement. It was my first attempt in getting an open well dug in the farm. My dad joined in to help and was very happy too. But, we all knew the prospects of finding water were minimal. This land was abandoned since ages and there were no good waterways nearby. A beautiful lake in the vicinity was a good 0.5 km away from the farm.

We began our adventure with a quick “pooja” and the digging began. It was burning hot and the lone man who started digging the well already felt the hard rocky surface. He wasn’t confident either. This was a big moment for me as I took a break from work, in fact the entire week off, just to make sure I could set the well up and get a permanent source of water for the farm. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be so.

After a few days of digging and twenty foot deep, nothing turned up. It was a big financial loss but what bothered me most was that not even a drop of water turned up in a village where farming was and has been the mainstay for centuries. It also made me realize the reality of the inherent challenges in farming especially for the one doing it to earn his bread. Not the one to lose hope, I have now advanced to getting the land tilled and using the well (with no water) as a reservoir during the monsoon season.

Here is the well in its elegant beauty. The final touch up of having cement rings in the periphery is also done now. I also had the satisfaction of visiting the nearby temple which I never got to see up close so far. The deity Muneswara Swamy overlooks my farm land too. I took a snap of the beautiful stone idols in the secluded temple. My mission is to turn this land into a beautiful fruit tree orchard and a thriving miniature forest land. It is probably a few years down the line. Here is to my first failure!


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