Go! Go! Goa

Goa is one of those must-visit places in India that every tourist needs to make a trip to. Why? I don't know. It is just that it has to be done. I had no regrets when the family made the trip in 2015.

Resorts pamper you with high costs and comfort. The Holiday Inn resort we stayed in wasn't a disappointment in this regard. They even charged for printing a sheet of paper. Well organized. The food, good Goan cuisine, was great. All the places in Goa are crowded. The resort had its own beach and that made life amazingly great.

We made an odd visit to a spices place which turned out to be a good visit. With a drunk tour guide walking tourists through all the spice plantations around, it was a cool experience to listen to weird stories from the guide topped with our fun exploration of the place around us.

The beaches are certainly worth visiting once. Unfortunately, my wife and I were pampered by amazing white sand beaches in the Monterey Bay area in California. Goa isn't that but is still good in its own way.


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