Month: April 2018

Ilaiyaraaja vs. A.R. Rahman

One of the dilemma’s that South Indians have in their lives (talking about the 30+ middle-aged guys) is that one day they end up having a debate about who is the best music director in the country (basically means music for movies). In that conundrum rise two names, legends in their own right, accomplishments of …

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Pinki’s Day Out

Nandini was feeling bored waiting for her sister to finish her dance practice. The dance hall was in a beautiful housing society will Spanish-themed villas. I decided to entertain her by taking her doll (Pinki) and giving her a jungle experience using the trees in the housing society as props. She loved it!


Go! Go! Goa

Goa is one of those must-visit places in India that every tourist needs to make a trip to. Why? I don’t know. It is just that it has to be done. I had no regrets when the family made the trip in 2015. Resorts pamper you with high costs and comfort. The Holiday Inn resort …

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A visit to Gandhi’s place – Ahmedabad

A Spelling Bee competition that Shivani participated in took the family to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was a short stay and we made it to the Sabarmati ashram from where Mahatma Gandhi orchestrated a great many events for India’s freedom. Ahmedabad is a very clean and surprisingly green city given the high temperatures in summer and …

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A visit to the Basavanagudi Temple

I visited the Basavanagudi (The Big Bull Temple) with my family in 2013. An amazing temple with a grand architecture housing Nandi, the bull.  Also, this temple complex, which is pretty crowded in the weekends, has other smaller temples. Dodda (Big) Ganesha temple has a giant idol of the Hindu God. I was particularly attracted …

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The lake near my farm and bone-dry farmland

There is a beautiful lake on the way to my farm which during times of good rains actually cuts off the road link providing some good offroading experience. Even though things are soon getting dry, the lake has some wonderful water lily flowers and attracts some cool birds. On the other hand, my farm land …

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Kalamkari art: Happy Sun by Nandini

My little one (age 6) didn’t want to be left behind and did her own attempt at kalamkari work with an image of a smiling Sun. She used black sketch pen for the border work and painted everything on her own. Dedicated to the cause and focused on finishing the art work to her satisfaction!


Project A: Setting up an open well and fencing my farmland

After waiting for the right time to get back to my farm and do something beyond de-weeding the land (successfully done in December), I am now working on a project to dig an open well and put some fencing around my land. An open well is a hit and miss given the arid conditions in …

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