Book Review: The Walmart Effect by Charles Fishman

The Walmart Effect by Charles Fishman
Charles Fishman has written a mostly unbiased account of Walmart and its influence on its customers, competitors, suppliers, the economy and several players throughout the world. I personally met Charles Fishman when he came with a jar of Vlasic pickles to my Business School. The Charles Fishman that I met that day was a different man than what one would expect to see from the book he had written.

Mr. Fishman talked more about the CFL bulbs that Walmart influenced GE to develop and several of its other sustainability initiatives across the world. These findings were from a trip to Walmart’s headquarters that he made after his book became a huge success. He ended up adding additional pages about these in his new updated edition that he promoted over there.

Overall, this book has made Walmart think and act positively in one of the greatest ways an American corporate firm has ever responded to constructive criticism.


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