The Mystical Great Lakes!

Since 2001, the first time that I came to the United States, I’ve visited the Great Lakes on several occasions. Calling them as “lakes” is probably a great injustice to these mighty oceans. Lake Superior is my favorite and I’ve watched it from the Western Coast in Minnesota and the Southern Coast in Michigan. The lake has sparked my interest in the mystic creation of God, the hobby of collecting pebbles (rocks) and the history of the Native Americans. The picture in this post was taken by a good friend of mine from Business School. It is the untouched splendor of the amazing Lake Superior taken from the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula ( The sandstone cliffs and beaches provide a spectacular snapshot of nature’s beauty. This place is a rich source of minerals formed from millions of years of volcanic activity that created them in the first place, a reason why miners arrived at Lake Superior in the 18th century. Check this link to have a look at Miner’s Castle and Grand Portal Point in the Upper Peninsula-
Information on some of the amazing rocks that one can find near lake Superior, including the agates, can be found in this site – I feel lucky to have made this trip as part of a socializing event in business school called ‘MTrek’. It sure was an unforgettable experience. I shall talk exclusively about my interest in Native American history in a different post.

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